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Subject: Re: AW: [xacml] Updated public review issues list

Hi Jan, see inline.

Jan Herrmann wrote:
> Hi Erik,
> below two little comments on the xls sheet summarizing the closed issues. 
> 1. 
> Regarding the issues No 13 and 14 (and partially No 21) the conclusion is do
> nothing and you further mention that: "It is an identifier for a piece of
> functionality in the profile and may be used to make a reference to
> conformance requirements from elsewhere." 
> I thought we agreed that it is helpful to explain in the profile(s) the
> intend of these metadata URNs.

Yes, we were going to do this. These issues were closed a few weeks ago, 
and I forgot to "reopen" them again after the discussion. But the issue 
during which we discussed and decided to improve the text is still open, 
so I will leave them as they are.

> 2.
> Regarding issue No 21:
> It seems that because of my misunderstanding of the metadata URNs the real
> content of this comment (even if it is of minor importance) got lost.
> Therefore let me rephrase it more precisely:
> According to line 123 in the MRP, “XPath-expression” can be the value of the
> “scope” attribute.
> Thus the word xpath-expression is used in two ways.
> First is refers to the datatype xpath-expression
> (urn:oasis:names:tc:xacml:2.0:data-type:xpath-expression)
> Second it refers to a possible scope value "XPath-expression".
> The intend behind issue 21 was to highlight the difference of the two use
> cases of the word "Xpath-expression" as we encountered, that this naming is
> confusing for people not very familiar with the specs. A little comment or
> footnote might help the readers.

Ok, can you propose a concrete change for how the text can be improved?

Best regards,

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