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Subject: Minutes for 3 November 2011 TC Meeting

Time: 13:00 EDT (GMT-0400)
Tel: 513-241-0892
Access Code: 65998

Minutes for 3 November 2011 TC Meeting:

I  Roll Call

Voting Members:
  Axiomatics 			David Brossard
  The Boeing Company 		Crystal Hayes
  The Boeing Company 		Richard Hill
  Oracle 			Rich Levinson
  Oracle 			Hal Lockhart
  Individual 			Bill Parducci
  EMC 				Remon Sinnema
  The Boeing Company 		John Tolbert
  Bell Helicopter Textron Inc. 	Paul Tyson

  IBM 				Sridhar Muppidi

  OASIS 			Dee Schur

 &  Minutes:

  Approve Minutes:
   20 October 2011 TC Meeting

   hal: approved no objection

II Administrivia

  OASIS self reporting attendance:
   hal: new oasis sw lets you do self-reporting of attendance, we
	should discuss if we want to do it; we can decide to do
	at anytime; no strong to push to do it right now.

  RSA InterOp status

   hal: There have been some updates. NextLabs is interested in
	 participating. Dee is continuing to look for participants.
	 She also asked if we could do 2.0. My answer was that the
	 participants determine the content, but showing 3.0 seems
	 to be the main reason to have an interop at the current
	 time and that in past some participants had objected to
	 doing the same old thing over again.
   dee: ready to go to next level; even though not 5 official
	commitments, appears to be current critical mass of
	interest; a company "First Point Global" has expressed
	interest in participating.

   dee: kmip tc is definitely doing an interop and will have
	a booth, may help w costsharing oasis booth.

   dee: many roles to participate, not just prod companies

   rich: rsa 2008, VFA did the demo system and prod vendors
	plugged in; detail ref'd on xacml main page:

   dee: will activate interop list, so anyone interested should join
	that list when available.
   dee: will try to set up conf call next week to kick off the effort.

  15-day Public Review for v3 XACML Core Spec
   TC admin comments:

  15-day Public Review for v3 XACML RBAC Profile
   TC admin comments:

  15-day Public Review for v3 XACML SAML Profile
   TC admin comments:

III. Issues

  Intellectual Property Profile
    John will look for comments on the list before working on next draft.
   WD-05 uploaded (Erik):
   WD-04 attributes Comments (Erik):

   hal: take this as first issue agenda item:
   paul: added some terms to glossary: covered resource, ...
	crux is that some agreement between orgs to grant
	certain rights for certain resources
   paul: concern about "ip designee"; terms have different
	meanings, want to avoid ambiguity; suggest revert
	to prev defn; not restrictive because of name
   john: understands point, his reply should address it;
	assign ip rights outside of resources; what
	agreement designator is trying to address.
   paul: "ip agreement" could be a wide range of things
	for this profile, one size fits all
   john: "agreement identifier" would that be ok

   john: thinks this has value on international level

   john: dublin core should keep in mind
   paul: range of values for creator refers to class defined
	in dublin core; may have more ties than we want
   hal: should use vocab as intended
   paul: by that rule there is mismatch
   hal: if finite enumeration we should use, etc. would like
	to hear args either way; but would want to avoid
	redefining for non-original purpose
   paul: would be taking name off agent,
   hal: maybe a lookup key to find data somewhere else

  What is "URI equality" ? (xacml-comment)
   several comments:
   recommended chg to core to address (rich):

   rich: at minimum should update refs in 3.0 core to refer to
	rfc3986; in addition, some light might be worth shedding
	on false positive and false negative

  Hierarchical actions (remon):
   several comments in monthly list:

   ray: will postpone until next mtg

  Values from bag fcn (paul):

  Standard Performance Test Suite for XACML (xacml-dev)
   several comments in monthly list:

  XACML and Constrained RBAC (xacml-dev)
   several comments in monthly list:

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