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Subject: RE: [xliff] Metadata extensibility ballot

Hi Helena,

> 1. Have a very well-defined scope of what meta 
> data can be expected in the metaholder and nothing 
> beyond that. 
> 2. The use of custom namespace cannot be used within
> the <source> and <target> elements directly to 
> keep parsing simple if one does not care. 

I agree: whether or not extensions are custom namespaces or data in metaHolder, we need to have strict requirements on what they can be, where they can be defined, etc. we don't want to repeat of badly used extensions.

> Having said this is not to suggest we put back 
> the "both" option in the ballot because my vote 
> stands. I have no need of using custom name space 
> within near term in our process or tooling env. I do 
> not see it a necessity to me. 

Fair enough. There is nothing wrong with being against them if one's usage doesn't call for them.


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