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Subject: RE: [xliff] IDs - uniqueness for inline only within segments (A)

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the well thought points.

One of the main reason why can't use simple xs:ID values is because one can move <file> elements into different documents. So you
could end up having ID clash after grouping the <files> elements of several documents into a single one for example.

So the only way we could use xs:ID for the id attribute type would be to use globally unique IDs. That would fit the constraints of
xs:ID, and that would allow manipulating the <file> any way we want too. But using GUIDs comes with problems too:

As you noted, the problem with xs:ID would then be that you obviously cannot have them both in <source> and <target>. Your solution
then would be to use xs:IDREF in the <target>. But then you can have extra inline elements in target, so those won't point to
anything in <source> and can't be IDREFs.

In addition, we do a lot of things with inline codes IDs (outside of XLIFF), and GUIDs are not helpful in many cases. For example.
When leveraging from a TM the IDs are used to map the inline code of new source to the inline codes of the old translation. GUIDs
will prevent that.

And just from a usability viewpoint: GUIDs are going to look like this: id="550e8400-e29b-41d4-a716-446655440000". Doing any kind of
inline code manipulation or reading error reports will quickly become very hard for humans. I don't want to imagine the mess in a
XLIFF document with an RTF layer. The simpler the inline codes are the better.

Another challenge: how would we validate that the id values are true GUIDs?

In short: I'm not against xs:ID, but to use that type the values would have to be GUIDs, and, in my opinion, it is not truly

I think, while it'd be nice to use XML's at its fullest, we have to remember that XLIFF is just a serialization of objects not
necessarily meant to be used with XML tools. We shouldn't try to force data like ID values to an XML specific kind because it's more


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