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Subject: RE: [xliff] RE: Call for dissent on BIDi solution Re: [xliff] bidi

> Yves, working on it,

Good, thanks.

BTW: I recall Fredrik noting that isolated markers for bidi had the issue of not working well when the first characters of their
content was weak, so I don't know if we should recommend anything other than "look at AUX#9". Since we won't have dir on segments we
don't have to do any conversion between markup and control characters normally.

> But have a question for the Inline SC I guess
> Why is dir not allowed on <ph>? I know it does not enclose content,
> but can be useful nevertheless for Extractor/Merger?

Since <ph> is always empty there is no content to apply the dir attribute.
You have a dir attribute on <data> if you want to apply such info to the content of a <ph>.


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