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xslt-conformance message

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Subject: Re: Call for Nominations - deliverables

At 00/04/28 11:45 -0400, Carmelo Montanez wrote:
>Although it is true that on the past NIST was involved with test
>and validation of processors at this time we are not interested in taking
>approach as matter of general policy.

Thanks for bringing us up to date ... sorry if I misrepresented you earlier.

>We are interested in helping with
>the development of tests, test delivery methods, help to clarify conformance
>testing issues, develop (or help to develop) a test suite harness

The harness is what was important to me.  The OASIS test suites on a NIST 
harness would be a great example of another of the OASIS products being 
used by others.  If OASIS can meet your harness needs, then we should be 
able to meet others' needs for their harnesses.

I don't think OASIS should be producing the harness itself, just the 
tests.  If we can meet your needs for a NIST harness, then we will have 
succeeded in meeting a well-defined goal (without incurring the effort to 
produce the harness ourselves).

>As I stated earlier, NIST is willing to sponsor the first face-to face
>at our Gaithersburg, Maryland facilities.

Thank you again!  If we get the paperwork through the system early enough, 
it would be great to have a meeting on, say, June 5 (I leave on the 6th for 
Paris).  The only other dates for me before September would be May 31, June 
20 or 21, July 5 or 6, Aug 1 or 3.  Other dates are available for me if we 
have a teleconference.

>However we are open to other
>the Paris conference is also a remote possibility (if there is enough

That might be a problem ... I'm not sure how many people will be in Paris.

But we have to publish the dates in order to get people to commit to them.

Thanks again, Carmelo!

............. Ken

p.s. And remember folks, we need to get feedback on *all* aspects of the 
Call for Nominations;  I'm in Sweden next week so I may not be able to be 
very responsive to any posts you make ... but you shouldn't need me around 
to hone the details of our next submission.  The two weeks after I'm in 
Brussels and Amsterdam ... perhaps someone can volunteer to take up the 
Call for Nominations and be responsible for managing the creation of the 

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