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xslt-conformance message

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Subject: Re: How do we collaborate on our documents?

At 7 Aug 2000 15:14 -0400, David_Marston@lotus.com wrote:
 > I've noticed that our committee pages on the OASIS site are set up to
 > publish working documents, but only at a high level of formality. So far,
 > we have Tony's first cut at the discretionary parts of the specs, but my
 > additions (sent 7/5/2000) are not added in. Is this simply an unfortunate
 > byproduct of the fact that Tony's list was an attachment and mine was
 > embedded in the message body? Do we need a different way to build these
 > documents collaboratively? Who will publish the documents in the special
 > section of the Web site?

I think that the non-inclusion of your additions is more an
unfortunate by-product of XSLT conformance not being billable work for
me.  As I remember the meeting and as I read the minutes, I'm supposed
to add your stuff to what I posted, but I haven't got to it yet.

Actually, since I'm stuck in a hotel room in scenic Lowell, MA, this
week, it's one of the things that I was going to do in my spare time
at night.

 > In addition to the list of discretionary items, I'm getting ready to send
 > along the start of a list of vague areas in the specs. This, too, will
 > benefit from collaborative assembly of submissions from all list members.
 > We also need to start "talking" about the flags that pertain to individual
 > test cases, possibly to become prescribed comments in the stylesheets. This
 > in turn leads to a discussion of how we express the linkage between a test
 > case and particular passages in the specs.
 > I like the idea that someone could go to the Web site and find a section
 > where they see the latest versions of those and other planning documents.
 > If we need another tool to do the collaborative work of the committee,
 > <plug>Lotus has a wide range of products for collaboration.</plug> Unless I
 > hear of a specific protocol, I'll just send my draft documents to the
 > mailing list.

See my separate message about CVS, but for now I think that sending
comments to the mailing list, which is archive where anyone can read
it, is the best that we can do for now.


Tony Graham
Tony Graham                            mailto:tgraham@mulberrytech.com
Mulberry Technologies, Inc.                http://www.mulberrytech.com
17 West Jefferson Street                    Direct Phone: 301/315-9632
Suite 207                                          Phone: 301/315-9631
Rockville, MD  20850                                 Fax: 301/315-8285
  Mulberry Technologies: A Consultancy Specializing in SGML and XML

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