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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: column.count.back

At 18:49 04/10/2002, Bob Stayton wrote:

>In fact, the XSL FO stylesheets do not treat an appendix
>in an article as back matter.  There is a special template
>in fo/component.xsl with match="article/appendix" that
>processes the appendix as if it were a section.
>It doesn't start a new page-sequence.  I think that is 
>because the content model for article has appendix as
>a sibling of sect1, which differs from the book content
>model where appendix is a component (chapter, etc.).

See, we were wrong, for a good reason (Thanks Bob).
Togan I hope Bob won't say we were wrong is thinking
appendix is a new section in a book?

>An article is processed in fo as a single page-sequence
>(its template starts and ends a page-sequence, with
>all its content in between).  You would have to customize
>the article template as well as the article/appendix
>template to stop the article page sequence and start
>a new page sequence for appendix.

If article is the sort of thing I would read in a magazine,
then yes, I suppose that is right. It doesn't want multiple pages.

>You might be better off creating a book that contains
>an article and an appendix.  Then the appendix will
>be treated as backmatter.

Sneaky Bob! Nice one.

Regards DaveP>

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