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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] profiling and entities -

> Geraint, I think that behaviour occurs in all wysi(sort of)wyg
> editors, and is one reason why I did not use XMLMind. The xinclude
> method looks pretty bad in terms of extra typing.
> Regarding your custom tags, would it not better to have something like
> <tag id="TargetOS" /> <tag id="TargetHW" /> instead of <TargetOS />,
> <TargetHW />, adding only a single tag rather than lots.
> Hmm, I miight look into this further.


I guess they both come down to whether or not you're using a GUI.  In  
XMLMind, the extra typing required doesn't matter, and having  
explicit tags means that they appear on the drop-down list of  
available elements, which would be less intuitive if we had a generic  
tag, because the user would have to remember what the available  
options were.  I agree that were we typing the XML by hand, a generic  
tag element with attributes would make more sense.


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