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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Custom numbering scheme for a DocBook document(legal style stylesheet)

Hello Mauritz,

> You don't have to write a new template from scratch. You need to copy an
> existing template to your customization layer and make a small modification
> to it. In DocBook-XSL (and DBLaTeX too) it is the template with
> match="section" and mode="label.markup" in common/labels.xsl. You need to
> change
>  <xsl:number format="{$format}" count="section"/>
> to
>  <xsl:number format="{$format}" count="section" level="any"/>

I have tried it (your reply was really useful), but I get the same
output as if I didn't do any change. What am I doing wrong?

I have copied the stylesheet, modified it locally as you recommended and
executed the following command:

# dblatex estatutos.xml -p style.xsl -o estatutos.pdf

(style.xsl is the name of the custom stylesheet which is a copy of

I have tried both with <section> and <sect1>, with the same result,
which is getting no changes in the output PDF document.

> Mauritz

Thank you.

Néstor Amigo Cairo -- www.aberi.org -- +34 687 967 481 (lu-vi, 9-13h)
Presidente de la Asociación por la Libertad de la Información

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