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Subject: Re: [docbook] marking up a play

Scott Hudson wrote:
> In the examples I converted from Jon Bosak, I used:
>     <preface remap="PERSONAE">
>         <title remap="TITLE">Dramatis Personae</title>
>         <para>
>             <personname remap="PERSONA">LEAR, king of Britain </personname>
>         </para>
> For stage direction, we used:
>             <para remap="STAGEDIR">Sennet. Enter KING LEAR, CORNWALL, 
>                 CORDELIA, and Attendants</para>
> I'd prefer to limit the number of tags we add, unless there is a 
> specific semantic need to do so. I could see the addition of drama, as a 
> higher-level wrapper though...

You're highjacking preface for the cast?
I think that's a good semantic reason.

Without the remap, you'd need something to identify a stage direction.
Again, I think (for plays) this warrants a single element?

Too limiting Scott?


seems so common in drama as to be required IMHO.


Dave Pawson

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