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Subject: Re: [docbook] So, what's the current version of DocBook?

wolfgang haefelinger wrote:

> Then I rephrase "current" as:
> 1. What is the latest version of DocBook?


> 2. What is the status of version 5.0?

It's OASIS Standard

> 3. Which version is recommended to be used?

The honest answer would be "it depends", but if you want straight answer
then it is recommended to use version 5.0.

Reasons for using V5.0 over V4.x are summarized there:


There is one reason to stick with V4.x -- if you already invested money
into V4.X tool chain which can't be easily upgraded to support V5.0.

> That's my point after all. If docbook.org is the "primary resource"
> about Docbook, then I expect to get well informed by this source. But
> perhaps I do not understand who actually maintains this site.

You are of course right, docbook.org could be definitively improved. But
whole DocBook effort is led by volunteers so you should understand if
not everything in auxiliary resources is perfect.

> With "official" I mean the primary resource, especially for regular
> users. However, my focus was not on "official" but rather what
> docbook.org is all about. The page itself states that it is the home
> page for a book which confuses me. Shouldn't that be changed to make
> it the primary resource for Docbook?

Probably yes.

>> In general this is good idea, but such information would anyway one time
>> became out-of-date.
> So does any information published :-)
> Seriously, don't understand your point here ..

It doesn't make sense to label some resources as fresh or updated if
there is no guarantee that such metainformation itself would be
perpetually keep up to date.

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