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Subject: the trilogy of subcommittees

Here are my suggestions for three subcommittees:

  1. Map the World
  2. String Theory
  3. Deduce the Use


There has been some interesting jumping into the deep end of the pool in the discussions. I would suggest the shallow end first to better outline the needed steps including requirements gathering.


I would love to see a good research effort to "map the world." To find the historical methods of citations, all of the current places that citations are used both in terms of jurisdictions and forms, and what is currently being done for electronic citations.


Although some of the insights into cites in the discussions have been in depth and helpful, I would like to see the whole variety of issues involved in citations as strings. How to template, the URI/URN/IRI/URL, etc. and encoding and escaped characters and .... more "string theory."


And lastly, but importantly, a look at the end use of these electronic citations. Are the citations going to be used in non-XML documents? Will metadata be added to an envelope of citation material? Should there be a standard authentication token/regime/recognition for the citation or the cited material? Do we map the machine readable to a human presentable format (like epub/HTML/PDF/etc)? Can we look at mobile apps usage? Use cases generally? We need to know what uses the citations may be used for or "deduce the use."




Daniel Bennett



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