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Subject: textEncoding / x-symbol #1 (ODF all versions)

Dear all,

A character encoding in the notation described in the 4.3.3 of [XML1.0], or the value x-symbol. If the value is x-symbol, all characters to which the text encoding is applicable shall be contained in the [UNICODE] character range 0xf000 to 0xf0ff.

This datatype is used for the following attributes?

@db:encoding on <db:character-set>
@style:font-charset on <style:font-face>
@style:font-charset-complex on <style:text-properties>
@style:font-charset-asian on <style:text-properties>

XML 1.0 gives as examples of values of this type (in 4.3.3, as referenced) "UTF-8", "UTF-16", "ISO-10646-UCS-2", and "ISO-10646-UCS-4". ODF also allows the value "x-symbol" (of which, more later).


* For @style:font-charset we are told "[t]he style:font-charset attribute specifies the character set of a font" (17.481). How can an encoding scheme name specify a character set?

* Same question for @style:font-charset-complex

* Same question for @style:font-charset-asian

I don't believe ODF, as is, evidences an understanding of the difference between character sets and character encodings.

- Alex.

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