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Subject: Re: [office-comment] textEncoding / x-symbol #1 (ODF all versions)

The basic resource for standards-drafters here is Dan Conolley's 
"Character Set considered harmful"
Some older systems map the Symbol font to a contigous range of 
application-internal characters, because this supposedly made processing 
easier: frequently they would just re-use ASCII. However, that comes 
from the pre-Unicode days where characters were selected by changing 
fonts. Any vestiges of this should be removed from ODF: it was an 
obsolete hack 15 years ago. 

There are, however, legitimate uses for the PUA. It has been common for 
CJK users (well, perhaps not in the PRC!) to add extra characters to 
fonts when they need them. Indeed, CJK applications may even have 
built-in font editors to cope with these. Unicode reduces the need for 
these (but does not fully remove it.) However, it does not look like 
the  range is being used for that purpose here.

By the way, the character range should be U+F000 to U+F0FF, in preferred 
Unicode notation.

Rick Jelliffe 

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