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Subject: textEncoding / x-symbol #2 (ODF all versions)

Dear all, again:

A character encoding in the notation described in the 4.3.3 of [XML1.0], or the value x-symbol. If the value is x-symbol, all characters to which the text encoding is applicable shall be contained in the [UNICODE] character range 0xf000 to 0xf0ff.

* What is "x-symbol"? It needs to be formally defined (in a terms and definitions section, ideally)

* "x-symbol" appears to declare a repertoire of characters in the middle of the "End User Subarea" of Unicode's "Private Use Area". This is intended for "private-user character definitions by end users or for scratch allocations ...". What is their intended use in ODF? An example would greatly aid understanding here.

* How can a datatype used for naming encoding scheme be used to describe a character range? As in the previous comment, this seems to confuse two distinct concepts.

- Alex.

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