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Subject: RE: [office] Using JIRA

Good point about cluttering the list.

In that case, if it were up to me, I would respond to the submitter directly
and not to the comment list.  I am not proposing that be taken on as an ODF
TC practice, however.

And the periodic FAQ about this is a very good idea. 

 - Dennis

PS: I am not concerned with commenters being able to tell their comment was
received, but that there is a way to follow the action in how their comment
is addressed.

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Sent: Tuesday, May 26, 2009 09:55
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Subject: RE: [office] Using JIRA

During a public review, we are required to respond to comments.  But this 
is typically done in batch.  If we receive 500 comments, we are not 
expected to send 500 acknowledgements to the comment list.   When the 
public review period is over, we can create a document that indicates the 
resolution of each comment received and then notify the comment list with 
a link to that document. 

My preference is to keep the comment list informative, with as little 
redundant information as possible.  This means that it should 
predominately consist of:

1) public comments
2) questions on those comments where the comment was unclear
3) clarifications from the original commenter

[ ... ]

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