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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Experts needed

2008/6/9 Peter Dolding <oiaohm@gmail.com>:
> On Mon, Jun 9, 2008 at 9:55 AM, David Gerard <dgerard@gmail.com> wrote:

>> In this regard, I suggest looking at the work Ian Hickson has been
>> doing as editor for HTML5 for WHATWG and W3C (he's producing one spec
>> for both bodies). He also maintains Acid3. With HTML5 he's putting in
>> things that will make a solid standard specification, but that is
>> implementable and that implementors will want to implement - and so
>> the list has strong vendor participation. HTML5 is going to be a
>> successful, useful, implementable and implemented standard, with large
>> chunks of it being available already in Firefox 3 and Safari 3.1.

> Its simple what they are doing right.  All parties know that Ian
> Hickson will write new publicly displayed acid test that could test
> all forms of handling.  There is no bias or bending for a particular
> vendor of browsers.  He don't ask vendors first if this test works
> with there browser instead its set like a benchmark for them to get
> to.

Oh! Another important thing HTML5 does:

It defines what to do with tag soup.

Think of all the subtle malformations possible of an ODF document that
make it not-quite-valid but processable. Define what an application is
supposed to do with bad ODF other than choking on it.

- d.

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