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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Acid Tests

Dave Pawson wrote:
>> OK.  So reading between the lines, I'm getting the impression that one of
>> the important goals of an Acid-type test would be that it can be run by
>> anyone -- end users, journalists, i.e., non-geeks.  They don't need to first
>> download and install a JDK, ant, and a dozen XML tools first.   They just
>> load the document in their editor and see how it looks.
> And (me also reading between the lines), these LSD tests are also automated?
> Could be a contradiction there.
> I've put a stupidly simple definition of a 'tester' on the google site.
> I'd love anyone to run a test suite. It's more likely to be a geek though.
> Even if he does have to follow a dumb install document first.

If we are simply looking for an "easy" way for the general public to 
test their documents, might I propose a web page where said user can 
upload a file to be tested.  Then a server side app runs it's test, 
produces a report and/or sample output.  This would be a usable approach 
by the general public.

Of course, that leaves a lot of questions regarding what tests will be 
done, what is the base the document is being compared against, etc.  But 
that's what this TC is about, isn't it?  :)  (once the charter for it 
has been completed...)

my thoughts.


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