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Subject: Re: [office-accessibility] Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] (1)(d) A list of deliverables, with projected completion dates.

2008/6/14 Peter Korn <Peter.Korn@sun.com>:
> Hi Dave, Rob,
> This is a good topic to discuss at our next subcommittee meeting - Rich, can
> we fit this into the agenda?
> From my own experience, compliance testing for much of what we have in the
> guidelines document is very challenging, and rather subjective.

Quite possibly no more so than much of ODF Peter!

 To take one
> example: in our guidelines we tell ODF applications to expose programmatic
> accessibility information via platform accessibility services.  Which
> services (we have non-exclusive recommendations for UNIX and Macintosh, and
> now suggestions for Windows; but that's not all)?

Trying to write an atomic test for that I would either
a) Ask an implementor to identify the services and how they are doing this
(written reply), then collate them and ask, as part of the test, which services
are being used (or test them programmatically if viable).
b)Report the item as untestable and report it back to the a11y committee
for action.

Let us know when it's on the agenda please Peter.


Dave Pawson

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