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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] Deliverable: odf-diff?

Dave Pawson wrote:

> An app that doesn't implement a 'may' clause isn't at fault
> and should not be penalized for that decision.
> Hence 'if implemented':
>   run the test
>   Display the result (but not as a pass/fail)

If I understand Shawn correctly, the idea is that a "may" clause means
that the application is not obliged to use that rule, but if it does,
then it must follow the spec.

In that case, test results would be:

a) not implemented - the application does not implement that clause

b) pass/fail - the application does implement that clause, but it does
or does not fully follow that clause specification.

In that case there's no uncertainty about the clause, it can be not
implemented at all - which is fine, implemented and Ok - which is fine
as well, or implemented, but badly - so developers should do something
about that. As for users, they need to know whether their app doesn't
implement that at all, or it does - and how good their app
implementation is (Ok/not Ok).

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