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Subject: Re: [opendocument-users] Re: [office] style name uniqueness (Re:[office] OpenDocument TC Meeting Minutes 2006-01-09 and 2005-12-19)

Daniel Carrera wrote:
> A user might legitimately want two styles in different families to have 
> the same name. You may want a "Tips" paragraph style that is supposed to 
> be used inside the "Tips" frame style. You may want a "title" paragraph 
> style (for the document's title) and a "title" character style for a 
> person's title.

Indeed. Section 14.1 (The Style Element) of the OpenDocument
specification defines a style:name and a style:display-name attribute.
the display-name is what you would use to name your styles in an app.
the name is what you use to refer to a specific style.

In your example, an application would generate para-tips and frame-tips
for name, while the display name could still be "Tips" for both.

But: the current specification would allow both style:name attributes to
be "tips", since they are both member of distinct style families, making
them uniquely identifiable, as long as the family context is known.

Always knowing the style-family context is however something, an
implementor might easily overlook - hence the debate on whether it might
be beneficial to require uniqueness of style:name in general.


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