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Subject: Re: [regrep] Meeting agenda and reminder for ebXML Registry teleconDecember 18th, 2003

Chiusano Joseph wrote:

>Regarding the W3C/OASIS Town Hall Meeting: 
>* Farrukh mentioned the use of ebXML Registry as a content management
>standard (which I support), but the general sense that I had was that
>the others in the room (at least apart from me) did not have a grasp on
>this concept - they seemed puzzled. 
>* As a result, the discussion was (very) abruptly ended by an audience
>member (unnamed) who went to the mic and commented that they would "like
>to kill this thread as quickly as possible". 
To add to Joe excellent summary of the meeting...

I do not know who said that. However, I do not think that had anything 
to do with opposition to ebXML Registry or its role as a Content 
Management standard.

Instead the person wanted to go back and reinforce an an earlier issue 
that I had raised (rather vocally I might add)  that OASIS and W3C has a 
fiduciary responsibility to not allow new cases of overlapping standards 
and to converge the existing cases of overlapping standards. I took his 
comment to be a matter of re-focusing the discussion on much more 
important meta-level issues that cut across both OASIS and W3C.

>* So the discussion never got off the ground as well as I believe it
>should have.
>* I think that once we better define the synergies between CAM and the
>registry, this tie-in will become more evident.
The tie-in to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) in my mind is very 
simple. Today we have many ECM products but virtually no ECM standards. 
The result is that none of these products inter operate.  The interop 
deficiency problem is  felt both within enterprises and across enterprises.

ebXML Registry does not and cannot replace ECM products. That would be 
like saying the SOAP would replace B2B products. ebXML Registry only 
addresses a small and important subset of ECM functionality, a subset 
that focuses areas where inter operability matters. For example it defines:

-Standard yet extensible metadata information model

-Standard way to categorize and associate content

-Standard APIs for discovering content using ad hoc queries

-Standard APIs for getting content and metadata into and out of ECM systems.

-Standard identity, role and group based access control policies

-Standard authentication and authorization

-Standard Content based event notification when content changes within 
an ECM system

-Standard mechanism for federating multiple ECM systems

-Standard SOAP and HTTP bindings for the above said APIs

Existing ECM products could layer the ebXML Registry API on top of their 
current products and gain inter operability with other ECM products that 
adopt the ebXML Registry standard.

On a related note, I am pleased to introduce Jeff Collins who will be 
joining our TC representing Vignette who many of you know is a leader in 
Content Management space. I am sure Jeff could enrich our discussion on 
this topic.


Content Enable your enterprise with the freebXML Registry:


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