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Subject: Re: [regrep] Meeting agenda and reminder for ebXML Registry teleconDecember 18th, 2003

Duane Nickull wrote:

> Joseph et al:
> I would like to definitely explore this discussion fully.  I have been 
> asked on more than one occasion if the ebXML RR competes directly with 
> existing CMS's.  I am not familiar with Documentum et al and do not 
> have a good grasp. 
> I believe this is an important aspect of our work. 
> Duane Nickull

ebXML Registry cannot and should not compete with or replace ECM 
products. Please see:


Small excerpt here:


ebXML Registry does not and cannot replace ECM products. That would be 
like saying the SOAP would replace B2B products. ebXML Registry only 
addresses a small and important subset of ECM functionality, a subset ...."
that focuses areas where inter operability matters. For example


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