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Subject: Re: [regrep] [RS Issue] Need clarification on comment on line 1410


That probably depends on the type of reference.  If it is a reference 
(association) of "supercedes", it probably should not be deprecated.  On 
the other hand, if it is a reference as "includes", that is another matter.

I guess this is a wake up call for a good set of user guides ;-)


Goran Zugic wrote:

> I like Duane's idea as well. However, I also think that in a such case 
> we should also (automatically) deprecate all objects that reference 
> the deprecated object. For example, it doesn't make sense to keep an 
> Association with a "valid" status (approved) that references a 
> deprecated object. It raises another question related to the  RS 
> specs. What is the reason that we don't deprecate objects that 
> reference objects that were deprecated after their creation? 


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