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Subject: RE: [search-ws-comment]DisplayTerm // Forms versus Scan and Facet // was: ....

In Ralph's example:

On Wed, 20 Oct 2010 11:54:44 -0400, LeVan,Ralph wrote

>   <terms>
>     <term>
>       <actualTerm>n201012345</actualTerm>
>       <displayTerm>Ralph LeVan</actualTerm>
>     </terms>
>   </facet>
> In this example, there is no index that supports looking up names.
> There is only an LCCN index.  LCCN is worthless for display to the user.
> Ralph

I agree that the cryptic n201012345 is "worthless" for anyone not
intentionally searching a LCCN index (knowing the numbers) but might also
suggest that a display of "Ralph LeVan"

OK.. Pretend that there are more than one "Ralph LeVan" then a search won't
return just the LCCN = n201012345 Ralph but the others.. On the other hand a
scan would also return a collection of what on the display level is a list of
multiple "Ralph LeVan"s but with different LCCNs.

Pretend that our target has ONLY a single index: an LCCN index. Somehow we are
associating Ralph LeVan with n201012345 and thus it does not matter if there
is some table/relation/index in the system that associates n201012345 with 
Ralph LeVan or there would not have been the possibility to return Ralph LeVan
in the <DisplayTerm> associated with the value n201012345 as its stored in the
index. For the implementor in this case its pretty easy: If the term does not
meet the syntax of an LCCN then its a name.

The scan of the index as names would produce a list of names.. as LCCNs its a
list of ... LCCNs..

Again.. anything goes.. And if having a list of user names is not what the
server wants to deliver (or accept) then it does not need to supply them or
handle them.. 

Some my say: "Performance".. Its faster to search for  "n201012345" in my LCCN
index than to find "Ralph Levan". Maybe.. but surely the resources demanded---
CPU, I/O, bandwidth etc.--- I would suggest are higher in the DisplayTerm
model than in what I've proposed, Throw in the architecture of our computers
which tend to have for our application I/O bottlenecks and the DisplayTerm
looks even more costly...


Edward C. Zimmermann, NONMONOTONIC LAB
Basis Systeme netzwerk, Munich Ges. des buergerl. Rechts
Office Leo (R&D):
  Leopoldstrasse 53-55, D-80802 Munich,
  Federal Republic of Germany
Telephone:   Voice:=  +49 (89) 385-47074  Corp.Fax:= +49 (89)  692-8150
Umsatz-St-ID: DE130492967

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