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Subject: Re: [tm-pubsubj-comment] Published vs Public

Steve Pepper wrote:

> At 22:49 20/08/02 +0200, Bernard Vatant wrote:
>> So it seems to me that Deliverable 1 introduction should take that 
>> point into account, and replace existing references to the "Web" 

>> (semantic or otherwise) to a more generic "network" defined as a system 

>> where humans and machines want to exchange information about
>> subjects, and where resources that network's members have access to 
>> are addressable through URIs (definition subject to re-wording). The 

>> same way we moved the specification from specific "topic maps" to a 

>> more generic "applications" ...
>> Waiting the consensus on that to furbish the prose accordingly - not 
>> much to do actually.
> I agree 100%. As far as I was concerned, this was also the rationale for the
> change of name from 13250 to XTM, which has since been adopted by WG3. 
> The SAM
> also uses "published" and I know of nobody who wants to revert back to 
> the old
> terminology.
> We should use the terminology that best captures the full generality, so 
> "network"
> is more appropriate than "Web" - although you might consider using the 
> Web to
> exemplifying what we mean by a network, e.g. "a network (such as the 
> Web)", if you
> think that might make things more explicit.

I also agree 100%. Bernard's points about most early adopters
being in closed intranets strikes me as a highly likely scenario,
summing up my experience so far. "Published" doesn't preclude
"Public", but "Public" precludes "Unpublished" (publicly). If
that makes any sense.


Murray Altheim                  <http://kmi.open.ac.uk/people/murray/>
Knowledge Media Institute
The Open University, Milton Keynes, Bucks, MK7 6AA, UK

      One of the sad things about corporations is that despite
      their name they have no corpora, no body responsible for
      their actions. They are therefore free to do whatever is
      the will of those who control them, and can transmogrify
      as necessary, like ghosts, to thwart those who might try.

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