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xacml message

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Subject: Minutes for 19 November 2009 TC Meeting - UPDATED

Time: 10:00 am ET
Tel: 513-241-0892 Access Code: 65998

Minutes for 19 November 2009 TC Meeting:

UPDATED: w official roll call plus refs to comments
 from David Chadwick on issue of proposed schema change
 to PolicySet in issues section below.

10:00 - 10:05 Roll Call

Voting Members: 7 of 12 (58%)
(used for quorum calculation)

Erik Rissanen   
Paul Tyson
Sridhar Muppidi
Jan Herrmann
Bill Parducci
Rich Levinson
Dilli Arumugam
Seth Proctor
Duane DeCouteau

Approve Minutes of 12 November 2009 TC Meeting

approved no objection

10:05 - 10:10 Administrivia

Interoperability Demonstration Opportunity for OASIS Security-related TCs at RSA 2010
 (see email copied after end of agenda below:)

   RSA 2010, see end of agenda for details

F2F Logistics: layout agenda
Redwood City, Oracle
 Tue Dec  8 (8AM-5PM)
 Wed Dec  9 (8AM-5PM)
 Thu Dec 10 (8AM-5PM)

wk after tg will have room #s, etc.
suggestions on logistics

F2F ref again: hotels etc:   http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xacml/200911/msg00009.html

F2F Observers invitation discussion:

   need to follow any oasis policies, etc.

Core spec updated and brief description of status from Erik:

   Erik: has put all issues in from core

 General F2F:
   Bill: will set up wiki page to consolidate issues, topic for mtg
   Erik: make chgs in evening to keep up w day; goal is cd2
   Bill: even if not quorum, put items in vote at thu call for
    full consideration;
   Paul: teleconf for mtg sessions:    Rich: we will try to utilize oracle web conf capability
   Erik: would like proposals on all issues for f2f
   Bill: one more voice call dec 3: we should settle agenda at
    that time; 80-90% assurance on agenda topics
10:10 - 11:00 Issues

Issue list reference (updated from agenda, to the following msg, doc):

Proposal from Erik to restrict policies to element, attr, text nodes:

   Jan: processing instructions, comments not included
   Erik: it is attr selector, not xpath matching
   Paul: seem unnecessary to exclude
   Erik: may refer to resource content; xml resource one would
    access based on xml comments possibly; part of resource,
    not part of policy; processing instructions may use these
    for appl-specific info

        issue will be closed (not in spec update, so no action)

Possible issue w Inconsistency of Obligation Enforcement: Erik, Bill:

   Bill agrees w proposal; wording refers to pep constrained to
    follow bias of pdp on rcving obl it does not understand.

    change approved

Proposed schema change for policies and discussion from
 David Chadwick and response from Erik:

   Erik: David proposed req ctx schema for ext pts xml any, where
    can put proprietary policy lang things; doesn't make sense
    to std on any policies in fmt; suggest using saml/xacml
   Rich: sees it as potentially disruptive, effectively allowing
    elements as children of PolicySet
   Bill: proprietary elements don't make sense; need further info
    to be considered;

    defer topic until more info from David addressing concerns
     in email and minutes

   Post-meeting follow-up emails from David:
    reply to Erik:
    reply to comments above, plus incl link to pres w requirements:

Proposal for issue 19 from Jan:

   Erik: should be individual resource-id as std case;    Paul: this should be a new issue, will send email

        defer until after refactoring

Proposal for issue 4 from Jan:

   Jan: issue is ordering of parameters make things too restrictive,
    esp when using xacml extensibility
   Jan: any function; assign to each element in bag
   Erik: need another week to process info
   Bill: possibly an F2F topic

*** End of Agenda ***

Begin forwarded message on Interoperability Demonstration Opportunity:

From: "Jane Harnad" <jane.harnad@oasis-open.org>
Date: November 18, 2009 12:40:43 PM PST
To: <bill@parducci.net>, <hal.lockhart@oracle.com>, <Subhash.Sankuratripati@netapp.com>, <robert.griffin@rsa.com>, <n-sakimura@nri.co.jp>, <mgoodner@microsoft.com>, <tonynad@microsoft.com>, <klawrenc@us.ibm.com>, <ckaler@microsoft.com>, <mikemci@us.ibm.com>, <hardjono@mit.edu>, <Timothy.Bruce@ca.com>, <stefan@drees.name>, <cruellas@ac.upc.edu>, <drummond.reed@xdi.org>, <peter.davis@neustar.biz>, <david.staggs@va.gov>, <cathy.tilton@daon.com>, <kent.spaulding@skyworthttg.com>
Cc: "'Dee Schur'" <dee.schur@oasis-open.org>
Subject: Interoperability Demonstration Opportunity for OASIS Security-related TCs at RSA 2010

Dear TC Chairs,


OASIS is planning to host an interoperability demonstration area on the show floor at the upcoming RSA 2010 Conference & Exposition.

RSA 2010 Conference & Exposition

1-5 March 2010

San Francisco, California



A couple TCs have already expressed interest.  If you’re TC might have an interest in holding an interoperability demonstration at this event, please let me by 11/27.  Additional demonstration details, including: participant benefits and fees will be forwarded once we’ve determined the amount of space required.


Regards, Jane


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