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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] PDF transformation: Why is the right border of my inline "box" missing when I transform to PDF. It works for HTML and Oxygen XML Editor.

Hi Simon,

we have implemented some custom styles in our style sheet and schema, so d:button shuld/ does match.

As mentioned before, it is a custom style. It works for HTML and our Oxygen XML Editor, but not for PDF.

Is it possible that our FO processor, i.e. Saxxon, does not work?


From:        "Dew, Simon" <Simon.Dew@sbdinc.com>
To:        "docbook-apps@lists.oasis-open.org" <docbook-apps@lists.oasis-open.org>,
Date:        12.10.2012 12:43
Subject:        Re: [docbook-apps] PDF transformation: Why is the right border of my inline "box" missing when I transform to PDF. It works for HTML  and Oxygen XML Editor.

Hi Daniel

A couple of suggestions. Have you looked at the .fo file to see if the
borders are defined correctly? (I don't know Oxygen XML, but presumably
there's an option to keep the .fo file when you transform to PDF.)

Secondly, I just looked at your customisation more closely.

> <xsl:template match="d:button">

Shouldn't that be d:guibutton? As it is, this template won't match
anything, in which case the formatting that you're seeing must be coming
from somewhere else. Is there another template in your custom layer
which matches guibuttons?

Simon Dew

Technical Author | Stanley Security Solutions
1 Park Gate Close, Bredbury, Stockport SK6 2SZ, U.K.

Simon.Dew@SBDInc.com | +44 (0) 161 406 3400

Registered Office: Stanley House, Bramble Road, Swindon
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On 12/10/2012 10:47, daniel.keyes@finaris.de wrote:

> Hi Simon,
> your question isn´t stupid at all. Adobe Acrobat has some problems
> displaying thin borders or details. It really depends on the magnification.
> I tried your advice. The border is thicker, but the right border is
> still missing. I checked it with Adobe Acrobat ( zooming in and out), as
> well as simply printing a page.
> Greetings
> Daniel

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