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Subject: Re: [office] text:meta-field

Patrick Durusau wrote:


> We already "break" the tree model, such as with bookmarks, so I don't 
> see that as a real drawback.

More importantly, as Oliver said, there's not necessarily a need to 
"break the tree" (if Dave had read the whole thread ;-)).

> But the first question I would ask is for an example of a 
> "multi-paragraph spanning" input field.

Patrick, Florian's already posted an example. See top-of-thread.

> It isn't clear to me what a "multi-paragraph spanning" input field would 
> look like?
> Particularly in a text:meta-field context.
> I understand what is meant by "multi-paragraph spanning" so I suppose 
> where I stick is input field? Do you mean that the input field could 
> generate content to replace part of the content of one paragraph, any 
> number of other paragraphs and then part of the content of a concluding 
> paragraph? (in continuous order)

This is what's confusing to me, and it goes back to question I earlier 
asked: what *is* a field?


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