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Subject: Re: [office] Public comment #20 -- default print range in tables

2008/7/1  <robert_weir@us.ibm.com>:
> My point is also that even if a print range is defined, an application does
> not always follow it.  If the user makes an explicit selection in the
> spreadsheet UI, then that is the range printed, regardless of what is stored
> in the document that was loaded.

Then the user gets what he/she wants (which is right IMO)

Which you could define as being 'the value to be stored'?
I.e. the range is 'the latest' value selected for printing?

> So we should say what table:printrange actually is in practice, which is a
> hint or preference.

Or the default to be printed. Don't need to say any more.

  It would not be incorrect for an application to
> override or ignore this hint, since it may have more recent information,
> such as a user selection.

We're writing a standard Rob.
If the default is ignored it's a simple non-compliance.

> So all we can really say is "table:printrange stores the last specified
> print range for this sheet. "

Not as I've suggested.

> Applications that want to do something with the last specified print range
> are free to use this value for that purpose.

Only in a 'do as you please scenario'.

Dave Pawson

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