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Subject: Re: [oiic-formation-discuss] My perspective. display perferct?

2008/7/15 Bart Hanssens <bart.hanssens@skynet.be>:

>> If you accept 'foreign' to be
>> content  in an other namespace and
>> content in (one of )the odf namespace but not an element/attribute in the schema
>> then
>>   it's all the same.
> Mmm, maybe I'm lost here, but I don't think this is exactly the same...
> For example, slide transitions in presentations use smil-compatible
> (note the "compatible"), and the smil:type attribute is part of the RNG
> schema, so I wouldn't call it "foreign".

That's it. Part of the schema (namespace and element name)
hence 'local' (as apposed to foreign)

> Some implementations simply drop it from slide transitions when opening
> and saving the presentation (without changing anything from the user's
> point of view), while they do preserve the xmlns:smil declaration and
> even support smil animation on the slides themselves.

So markup (the attribute) is 'lost' (dumped) by the app, even if you only
open the presentation, read it, and close it?

That's what I'm chasing. That's nasty in my book.

> So here "foreign" means something like "ODF element / attribute
> representing a feature not directly supported by the implementation"

Not even with the caveat.
> So here "foreign" means something like "ODF element / attribute
> representing an ODF  feature"

That is a fair description. Even if you do support it, no need to screw
with the markup or user content.

> (Per the current spec, this is acceptable behavior... See also 15.1.3 on
> style:*-properties: "Conforming applications in general should preserve
> both, pre-defined and custom formatting attributes and elements when
> editing the document". They only _should_ preserve things...)

Which is crass and plain wrong IMHO.
Due for a 'shall' clause.


Dave Pawson

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