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Subject: Re: [soa-rm-ra] governance musings over the weekend


Relative to Michael's first question: While crossing ownership domains 
is of concern in all governance models, I believe that it comes more to 
the fore in SOA.

Second item - Before Friday, I hadn't contemplated your example of 
governance for entities with evil goals.  However, after a some thought, 
I agree that governance is about satisfying the goals of the 
participants, whether the goals are good or bad for society.  (How good 
is defined is a philosophical question left for Plato and others to 
struggled with.)  However, since the Commons is one of the participants 
(an interested party) the example of governance related to an evil-doer 
entity brings up a question.  Is governance just in the eye of the 
beholder (e.g. the corporation) or does it have to satisfy the complete 
social context? Or stated another way, is a local governance incomplete 
without consideration of the goals of all the participants in its social 


Ken Laskey wrote:
> see inline
> On Sep 10, 2007, at 10:06 AM, Poulin, Michael wrote:
>> Here a couple of other questions coming from the looking at the diagram:
>> 1) what I special in this governance model for the service 
>> orientation     or    why is it good especially for SOA?
> There is an attempt to show a level of independence between the 
> Participants and the Decision Makers.  In general, I think this exist 
> in all governance scenarios but is ignored because governance bodies 
> would prefer to be all-powerful over their perceived domain.
>> 2) what "Policies, Rules, and Regulations" are meant here - any ones, 
>> run-time and/or development ones?
> In general, any ones.  Is there a reason at the model level to 
> separate build time from runtime?  There may be benefits for managing 
> the instances but I don't see differences at the model level.
>> 3) should the governance model in SOA RA promote the best practices 
>> in SOA governance (if YES, what are they and how are they reflected 
>> in here)?
> It does to a certain extent just on the basis of what is included and 
> how it weaves together.  The model should support practices that are 
> more locally specific and support local management.
>> I know, asking questions is much easier than answering them, 
>> nevertheless...
> If you don't ask, someone else will :-)
>> - Michael
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>>     <mailto:soa-rm-ra@lists.oasis-open.org>
>>     *Subject:* [soa-rm-ra] governance musings over the weekend
>>     Another tweak to the governance model, this time adding a class
>>     for Metrics Collection and new relationships.
>>     <governance 20070910.png>
>>     Given a model of Governance, the next question on my mind is how
>>     does it affect architecture. Some thoughts along those lines:
>>     Architecture implications
>>     - need mechanisms to create and catalog Policies, Rules, and
>>     Regulation
>>     - need reliable access to specifics of current Governance
>>     Framework and Governance Processes
>>     - need mechanisms to collect metrics
>>     - need mechanisms for Participants to access metrics
>>     - need enforcement mechanisms for Management Body
>>     Assumptions
>>     - You cannot govern what you cannot measure
>>     - You cannot govern what does not agree to be governed
>>     - expectations on what can and will be governed must match the
>>     reality of what is possible and what is the collective will to
>>     see done
>>     - need to manage (including configuration management and CRUD
>>     processes)Governance Framework and Governance Processes,Policies,
>>     Rules, and Regulations but not Goals
>>     - I don't care where the Goals originated beyond saying they come
>>     from Participants
>>     - I don't care if they are "good" Goals or "bad" Goals because it
>>     is up to Governance to come up with the set that serves those who
>>     want to remain Participants, and the SOA machinery should be
>>     agnostic to the quality of the Goals or the make-up of the
>>     Participants
>>     - There may be many parallel or interacting Governance
>>     environment with which a given Participant must interact.
>>     Ken
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