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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] Open invitation to contribute to the OASIS UBL 2.1 International Data Dictionary (IDD)

Hi Ken

I think that William is referring to the actual implementation of UBL done
by the Peruvian tax authority, and not to localizations/translations of
the UBL documentation. It is unfortunate that the local Peruvian
implementation does not follow UBL documentation and is not aligned with
other UBL implementations.. I have worked with them for a number of years
now to try to improve their implementation. Hopefully it will happen soon.

With regards to the Spanish translation of UBL 2.0 it is a high-quality
direct translation of the English documents. There are a number of
semantic differences between "Spanish Spanish" and local dialects. An
example is the Spanish word "albarán" (waybill), which is relatively
unknown in this part of the world where instead it is called "guía de
remisión". Other examples are "nota de abono"/"nota de credito" (credit
note), "ordenador"/"computadora" (computer), etc. etc.

We did at some point undertake a "localization" of the Spanish
translation, but I think if we review it together we can come up with a
universal translation. There are several other Spanish-speaking countries
apart from Spain and Peru where UBL is in use, although in use by the
industry and not as a de jure standard as is the case here.

Best regards,


On 5/21/14, 6:27 PM, "G. Ken Holman" <gkholman@CraneSoftwrights.com> wrote:

>At 2014-05-21 21:31 +0000, William Velasquez wrote:
>> >> But this question was not raised for the UBL
>> 2.0 IDD for Spanish, so it may be that the one
>> set of Spanish language definitions have
>> sufficed in a business milieu for multiple marketplaces.
>>I agree. Taking a look to the current
>>translation, most of the terms are common to all
>>countries, only few (maybe less than 5%) are country specific.
>>Also UBL is currently implemented in only two
>>Spanish-speaking countries: Spain and Perú (as
>>far I know), and in the case of Perú, I see that
>>many of the non-universal terms were used in customizations.
>Yes, there is a difference between translated
>semantics and the definitions suitable for a customization.
>The translated semantics should be context free
>describing what the concept is, not how it is applied.
>For example, the *concept* of tax is a semantic
>that needs to be translated for the business
>object used to express something that is a
>tax.  But the fact that one country needs two
>taxes and another country needs three taxes and
>that they have particular application or context
>is a facet of a customization of UBL.  Such
>nuance does not belong in the definition.
>Of course it would be best if we could have only
>one definition in Spanish for each of the
>concepts.  Each country implementing OASIS UBL
>already has an obligation to define and describe
>that country's customization of OASIS UBL and how and where it is used.
>A good example of a well-documented and detailed
>customization of OASIS UBL is the Danish customization:
>   http://oioubl.info
>After the manager of the spreadsheet addresses
>your concerns we may find that end up still with
>only a single spreadsheet for Spanish.
>I look forward to any further insights you may have.
>.. . . . . . . Ken
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