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Subject: Re: [office] Public comment #20 -- default print range in tables

> So reflect on what happens, not how.
> 1. No default in the spec.
> 2. User selection overrides stored values for a print
> 3. User selection stored over existing stored values .
> 4. No value, request one.
> 5. No more. Apps have run out of options. Hence non-compliant if they
> get this far
> Job done.

I don't believe #4 is what happens today.  I believe that some implementations synthesize a default print range based on their best guess of what parts of the document look like they have content in them.  This derivation of a default range is done differently in different applications.  Some may derive this by prompting the user.

So we bump of your #4.

Since #2 and #3 have nothing to do with the ODF document, I don't think we should say anything about them.

That leaves #1, which has no defined behavior, which we could explicitly state as implementation-defined.

You are really left with either having #1 be implementation defined, or having #4 be implementation-defined.  I'd rather have it be #1 and not go down the road of specifying user actions that lead no where certain.


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