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Subject: Re: [opendocument-users] Implementor notes

On Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 9:54 AM, Dennis E.
Hamilton<dennis.hamilton@acm.org> wrote:
> Hi Bart,
> I was not suggesting anything about how implementation notes would be made
> available.  I imagined that independently-developed web-accessible ones
> could tie to the OIC Specification Analysis and related material.

Dennis, you might evaluate working Google Custom Search into the
solution. <http://www.google.com/coop/cse/>. It's trivial to specify
the pages, sites, domains, etc., that will be searched using the
custom search UI and Google generates the code to include the UI on
web pages. They can be added individually or bulk-uploaded.

It should make it trivial to search all implementer's notes and the
spec itself (once hosted somewhere in (X)HTML). That doesn't have the
precision of carefully linked cross-references, but the use of one or
the other is not mutually exclusive and the search capability could
fill the link gap for pages that have not been given the thorough
cross-reference linking treatment.

I use Google Custom Search rather extensively for a half-dozen or so
topics that I frequently need to research, mostly legal topics having
to do with standards. It's made my work considerably easier.

Also, if each implementer includes a single string unique to ODF
implementation notes on each page of notes, identifying new pages can
be as simple as setting up a Google Alert for that string.
<http://www.google.com/alerts>. The maintainer of the Google Custom
Search can then receive automatic email notifications of new pages
that need to be added to the custom search spec.

Best regards,

Paul E. Merrell, J.D. (Marbux)

Universal Interoperability Council

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