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Subject: Re: [office] text:meta-field

On 30/10/2007, Bruce D'Arcus <bdarcus@gmail.com> wrote:

> OK, we all need to take a step back and explain exactly what we mean,
> b/c it appears we're all talking past one another ATM:


> What I'm meaning by "inline metadata" (as it's described in the
> metadata proposal) is where the content of the document represents the
> literal object of an RDF triple. Use case is user wants to tag text
> say it is a title, or a date, or a description. In our metadata
> proposal, this gets encoded using attributes on existing content
> elements.
> OTOH, text:meta-field is a container for a representation of of some
> resource. Use case is user wants to add a citation (a reference to a
> book), or a letter-writer wants to add contact information (a
> reference to a person), or a doctor wants to enter a prescription. All
> of these involve encoding or linking to structured metadata (as
> opposed to a simple literal).

Is that the base difference Bruce? Object of inline metadata
is a literal?
text:meta-field is a container of n triples?

> Florian/Oliver, what is the precise use case here? Do not tell us
> "customer says they want a field". Explain what do they want to do.

rather than give us a technical solution to a problem that we don't understand.


Dave Pawson

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